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Stainless Steel Tanker

With a capacity of 6,500 gallons, and made from stainless steel, Ironclad’s specialty tankers are the most efficient way to move liquids.

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DOT 407 trailer

DOT 407 Stainless Steel Tanker Trailers

Moving with safety and efficiency.

Manufactured with 316 stainless steel, each tanker holds 6,500 gallons and meets DOT 407 specifications to ensure safety.

Our DOT 407 Stainless Steel Tankers Provide:

  • 6,500-gallon capacity
  • 20″ full-opening manhole, hinged to front, manhole stop, 6-holdowns, Teflon gasket in cover
  • Heat panel with 150 psi working pressure welded to bottom of vessel with standard traps and pressure relief, with ¾-inch NPT inlet and outlet, 18-inch wide panel
  • Fiberglass insulation, 6″ compressed to 5″
  • Belly-wrapped 22-gauge bright finish jacket, lapped seams, 18-gauge heads, lock seamed to jacket
  • Stainless steel spilldam near center of trailer, with polyethylene drain hoses on each side
  • Stainless steel box type overturns, per DOT specs, at spilldam and outboard of each cleanout
  • Side ladder with dimpled channel rungs, side handrails, and grab handles
  • 19-inch wide aluminum diamond type top walkway


  • Petroleum refineries
  • Chemical plants
  • Manufacturing
  • Environmental remediation


We’re used to operating in the toughest industries with the strictest safety standards. That’s prepared us well as we grow our business and expand into new spaces. To put it simply: If an industry creates waste, Ironclad will have the solution.

Industry Solutions Offered:

Construction Chemical Manufacturing Oil And Gas Exploration
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