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Roll Tarp Boxes

Trash, sludge, hazardous materials — our leak-proof roll-tarp boxes have it covered. We pride ourselves in offering these best-in-class containers in a range of sizes to fit your job site.

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Roll off bin with tarp for storing solids.

Roll-Tarp Boxes

Simple leakproof storage and transportation.

With our trusted roll-tarp box rentals, it’s easy to protect hazardous and non-hazardous materials from the elements. For temporary storage and simple, secure transportation when you need to maintain the homogeneity of the contents, these boxes will do the job in all kinds of settings. Available In Four Sizes:
  • 20 YD Roll-Tarp Roll-Off Box
  • 25 YD Roll-Tarp Roll-Off Box
  • 30 YD Roll-Tarp Roll-Off Box
  • 40 YD Roll-Tarp Roll-Off Box

Our Roll-Tarp Boxes Provide:

  • 1/4 PL one-piece floor
  • Crossmember (3 x 4.1 channel 12″ on center)
  • 3/16 PL solid welded walls with tubing top rail and inside liner hooks
  • 3/16 PL door with tubing frame
  • Pick-up via standard cable with 2 x 6 x 1/4 rails, gusset at each crossmember
  • 4 wheels, each 10 Dia. x 9 long with grease fittings
  • Door latch that has 4 independent ratchet binders with chains and a vertical second latch
  • Extruded rubber seal gaskets with metal retainers
  • Continuous welds, except for the substructure crossmembers
  • Full capacity static test hydrotested
  • Two 60″x 82″ openings with 8″ divider centered on container
  • Full opening side rolling trap with 5 bows
  • Option for closed top 4″ PVC threaded bulkhead fitting with EPDM gaskets


  • Hazardous and non-hazardous material storage
  • Sludge control and disposal in oil or chemical refinery applications
  • Soil cleanup in environmental remediation projects
  • Trash storage and disposal for retail, municipal construction, and demolition projects
Ironclad employee posing in front of 40yd roll off bins

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