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Sound Attenuated Pumps

Ruggedly constructed, lockable, and weatherproof, these high-volume pumps are specially designed to operate efficiently and quietly.

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Sound attenuated self priming pump rental from Ironclad can run at 70dBA at full speed

Sound-Attenuated High-Volume Pump

Getting the job done — quietly.

This heavy-duty, cast iron high-volume rental pump is fitted with a removable sound attenuation enclosure to reduce noise levels. That’s especially valuable in urban and residential areas.  Available in two sizes:
  • 4″ Sound-Attenuated High-Volume Pump
  • 6″ Sound-Attenuated High-Volume Pump

Our Sound-Attenuated High-Volume Rental Pumps Provide:

  • Quiet operation at or below 70dBA (measured at 7 meters at full speed)
  • Maximum flows up to 2,700 GPM
  • High head up to 195 feet
  • Solids handling to 3″
  • Fully automatic, dry priming to 28 feet
  • Removable drop-on sound enclosure, constructed of 18-gauge solid galvanneal shell and 1.5″ thick, 8lb density mineral wool
  • Lockable doors 
  • Emergency engine shutdown button
  • Low maintenance


  • Construction or municipal projects where local laws and regulations limit noise pollution


We’re used to operating in the toughest industries with the strictest safety standards. That’s prepared us well as we grow our business and expand into new spaces. To put it simply: If an industry creates waste, Ironclad will have the solution.

Industry Solutions Offered:

Construction Chemical Manufacturing Oil And Gas Exploration
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