Tailings Pond Dewatering

Ironclad brings ease to tough mining jobs. We’ll help you manage and transport solid waste, and our team will be on site to create and provide custom solutions.

Separated liquids can be prepped for wastewater treatment; mining spoils and solids will be prepared for disposal.

Ironclad will transport tailings in roll-off boxes and deliver waste to an approved final destination.

Mine Dewatering

Mines need to be kept dry, whether they're surface or underground. Ironclad's expertise and assets will empower you to pump out and store all water as you treat and prepare it for discharge.

When you experience an unexpected outage, our team will guide you to the Ironclad pumps and hoses that will keep your job moving.

In the event that water has become acidic or caustic, Ironclad’s experts will consult to get you the assets you need — and ensure your job is safe and environmentally sound.

Ironclad employee securing cover on top of closed top steel tank

Find the Solution You've Been Looking For.


Our Ironclad

Separating solids from liquids? When you need support — from materials and assets to custom advice — Ironclad is your only stop for complete solutions and efficient service.

Holistic Solutions

The Ironclad team will identify and provide the best dewatering boxes for your job, transport them, and even haul waste to its final approved destination.

Transparent Pricing

Our vertically-integrated solutions mean no hidden fees or surprise costs — expect upfront pricing from day one.

Quality Assets

Ironclad’s quality assurance and control processes are unmatched across industries, delivering top-performing equipment to each job. 

Cost-Cutting Efficiencies

Recovered liquids can be recycled for reuse, and by dewatering sludges, we’ll save you money on transportation, disposal, and treatment required for waste solids.

Where we work

We meet our clients when and where they need us. Where can we help solve problems?

Map of Ironclad Environmental locations in the United States
Ironclad employee posing in front of 40yd roll off bins

How Can Ironclad Bring Strength to Your Business?

Envirotrack from Ironclad Environmental - various screenshots of user interface


Supercharge your operation with Ironclad’s EnviroTrack software platform, which helps manage compliance while tracking equipment and waste in real time.