Liquid Storage

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    Spud Water Containment

    Spudding in a well is no small job. Prepare your project with the assets and expertise to get it done right, the first time.

    Our hydrotested frac tanks can be manifolded together, allowing you to fill, draw, and monitor water levels with ease.

    Need help getting water to your site? We can provide guidance and tools, whether you’re purchasing from a municipality or pumping surface water.

    Frac Fluid Storage and Processing

    Once a well has been drilled to depth, you need large volumes of water to safely pump under high pressure. We’ll help you contain it and treat it.

    With Ironclad, you don't just get top-level assets and expertise — you get peace of mind, too. An epoxy lining alone does not make a tank safe for acid storage. That's why Ironclad's poly cubes are strong enough to handle corrosive chemicals, reliably and safely.

    Delivery of rental tank for drilling mud storage application.

    Drilling Mud Containment

    Upstream applications require smart storage solutions for mud and water. Ironclad has the frac tanks, weir tanks, mix tanks, and all other storage assets to keep your job moving.

    When you're ready to put a well into production, we'll provide the tools you need to pump and store drilling mud; our large-volume tanks are ready to help you through the fracturing phase.

    Steel tank used for flowback containment.

    Flowback Containment

    When water and additives return to the surface after a well has been drilled, you need someplace to store materials as they're readied for their final approved destination. Ironclad's fleet of top assets is poised to safely store any material, even those that may contain damaging chemicals.

    That's where our team comes in: We'll lend our expertise to provide the best assets and most streamlined process for your project.

    Temporary Fire Suppression

    Every construction site needs to be prepared for a potential fire — even if the supporting infrastructure to bring water to a site doesn't exist.

    Ironclad has the bulk water storage tanks, pumps, and hoses to help you fight a fire if need be. We don't want our clients to find themselves unprepared for an emergency. That's why we get them ready for anything at the top of a job.

    We'll even help you source water and truck it in to pre-fill those tanks. Holistic service, holistic solution.

    Ironclad employee securing cover on top of closed top steel tank

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    Our Ironclad Promise

    We know how to meet the needs of any industry — with liquid storage solutions that boast improved safety, expanded capacity, and customer service to count on.

    On-Site Consultation

    We’ll do more than rent you equipment. We’ll visit your job site to make sure we recommend the best products to solve your challenges and build efficiencies.

    Sustainability Through Reliability

    We stand by the quality of our assets. The fewer leaks you encounter, the cleaner, safer, and more sustainable your site.

    Industry-Leading Strength

    Our tanks are tested, inerted, bonded, and grounded, keeping your materials secure and your job safe.

    24/7 Access

    Need us? You can find us. Our staff is always available to you, and we’ll schedule deliveries any time of day to suit your needs.

    Where we work

    We meet our clients when and where they need us. Where can we help solve problems?

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    How Can Ironclad Bring Strength to Your Business?

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    Supercharge your operation with Ironclad’s EnviroTrack software platform, which helps manage compliance while tracking equipment and waste in real time.