Waste Management

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    Non-Potable Water Storage and Treatment

    Whether you’re preparing wastewater for discharge or reuse, you need two things: someplace to store it, and an effective way to filter out suspended solids.

    You won’t find more reliable storage assets elsewhere. We’ll get it to you fast, with delivery whenever you need them. Our expert team will identify and provide the filtration tools you need to eliminate total organic carbon (TOC) and total suspended solids (TSS).

    Trucking water to a job is costly and time-consuming. We provide a circular solution: store water on-site, filter it, and reuse it to meet job needs.

    Pipeline Hydrotest Water Storage and Treatment

    Pressure testing requires a lot of moving parts, from sourcing, hauling, and storing water to removing suspended solids and preparing water for discharge or reuse.

    Consider Ironclad your one-stop source for managing pipeline hydrotesting. We’ll provide the storage assets you need, including all hoses and accessories.

    We’ll also coordinate and manage all transportation needs, and even haul waste to its final approved destination.

    Cooling Water Filtration

    When dust and solids get caught up in the water used to cool mechanical draft towers, that slows you down — and can require costly resources and chemicals to get the job done.

    We tap into cooling tower slipstreams to filter recirculated water with sand media and multimedia filters, rendering it ready for reuse and helping maintain heat exchangers.

    We'll help you avoid biological growth within the tower — which can render it useless. We’ll keep your site strong for future jobs.

    Groundwater Remediation

    Discovered contaminated groundwater on a job site? Ironclad's industry-leading assets and expertise will create the exact remediation solution you're searching for.

    From storage containers and assets to filtration and pumping support to enable water transfer, don't sweat the small stuff — Ironclad's got you covered.

    When you're ready to discharge your water or recovered solids to an approved final destination, we're poised to help you out there, too, with industry-leading transportation that comes with safety, security, and efficiency.

    Oil and Water Separation

    You need the time and dedicated storage space to separate oil from on-site water. Ironclad's assets and expertise deliver both.

    Smart solutions don't need to be complicated. Trust our team to guide you to the most efficient solution available.

    And if you're worried about leaks? Don't be. Our tested assets will keep your materials where you want them — no leaks, no environmental issues.

    Ballast Water Filtration

    When ships come into port, you need to manage ballast water quickly and efficiently. From storage assets to regulatory compliance, Ironclad's ready for you.

    When you need immediate solutions, our frac tanks provide accessible, available support for temporary water storage, and our expert team will help you meet International Maritime Organization requirements.

    For longer-term issues — like storing materials until they're tested for biological contaminants, treated, and ready for reuse or disposal — we'll help you plan your path forward while maintaining environmental priorities and safety.


    Routine maintenance can hold up job progress. You need the equipment and expertise to keep your plant moving.

    Our pumping accessories and storage solutions bring ease to clarifier bypass cleaning, enabling you to take one out of service without sacrificing facility productivity.

    Ironclad employee working on hydroblast filtration project.

    Hydroblast Water Filtration

    Industrial cleaning operations can be complicated and messy. From water storage to filtration accessories, we've got all the guidance you need to get the job done while conserving natural resources.

    Our reliable assets and trusted expertise will help you go from wastewater to clean wash water, supporting you every step of the way; pumps, steel frac tanks, and filtration units and bags bring ease and efficiency to wash slab recirculation.

    Don't have an existing wash slab? No problem — Ironclad will create a custom containment berm to get your project moving.

    Metal lid roll off box rental

    Decontamination Water Filtration

    When heavy equipment needs to be cleaned of contaminated soils, Ironclad has the expertise and assets to help you get the job done while minimizing wastewater.

    Pumps, steel frac tanks, and filtration units and bags bring ease and efficiency to decontamination projects.

    Our assets allow for the settling and separation of solids from wastewater, encouraging the reuse of materials and reducing customers' wastewater volume by as much as hundreds of thousands of gallons.

    Ironclad employee securing cover on top of closed top steel tank

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    When you need smart wastewater solutions, fast, Ironclad is ready to roll. We'll build a full-scale temporary wastewater treatment plant — whether your outage is planned or unplanned — that will save you time and money.

    On-Site Consultation

    We’ll do more than rent you Ironclad assets. We’ll visit your job site to make sure we recommend the best products to solve your challenges and build efficiencies.

    Transparent Pricing

    Our vertically-integrated solutions mean no hidden fees or surprise costs — expect upfront pricing from day one.

    Compliance Support

    We'll manage 90-day waste storage yards with ease, and protect your operation from regulatory impact and fines.


    We'll identify and eliminate unnecessary equipment from your job; we've cut clients' costs by as much as 50% by reducing use of resources and over-the-road hauls.

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