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Thanks to industry-leading rigorous testing, our steel tanks deliver reliability to any job site, and the Ironclad team provides 24/7 support and guidance.

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Closed top v-bottom steel tank rental
Ironclad’s Closed Top Steel Tank rentals are suitable for a wide variety of industry applications, from paper mills to pipelines. A single tank can store up to 21,000 gallons, or they can be manifolded to hold as much liquid as the job requires.

Our Closed Top Steel Tanks Provide:

  • Up to 21,000 gallons (500 BBL) liquid storage
  • Availability in multiple configurations and with multiple accessories to match your job needs
  • Optional heat coils to regulate temperature of product inside of the tank


  • Environmental remediation and clean-up operations
  • Industrial applications across chemical plants, paper mills, petroleum refineries, and pipeline projects
Open top steel tank from Ironclad Environmental holds up to 21,000 gallons

Ironclad’s Open Top Steel Tank rentals offer a safe solution for temporarily storing water and other liquids at your project site. Easy to monitor, quick to clean.

Our Open Top Steel Tanks Provide:

  • Ease of viewing to see liquid levels and assist final cleaning
  • 18,000 gallon steel frac tank
  • Shot-blasted steel
  • Most durable paint and lining in the industry



  • Storage of water and other fluids, including non-caustic chemicals, diesel fuel, and oils
  • Liquid and fluid clean-up, including stormwater prevention and other environmental remediation
  • Storage and mixing of drilling mud in the oil and gas industries
  • Chemical plants, paper mills, and petroleum refineries

Our Steel Mini Frac Tank rentals are a great answer for jobs where space is limited. Offering the same versatility and durability as its larger steel tank cousin but with half the footprint.

Our Steel Mini Frac Tanks Provide:

  • Up to 200 bbl capacity
  • Top panels with stiffening ribs and 2 non-sealable hatches with hinged lids
  • V-bottom or flat floor
  • One 3″ fill line
  • Two 22″ manways, front and passenger side rear
  • 4″ butterfly valve, front and rear
  • Front- and rear-mounted ladders for top access
  • Carboline Phenoline® 310 interior liner (two-part epoxy) to minimum 15-mil dry film thickness



  • Temporary storage of water and a variety of other fluids, including non-corrosive chemicals, diesel fuel, and oils
  • Chemical plants, paper mills, petroleum refineries, and municipal projects, including wastewater treatment plants
  • Oil spill cleanup, ocean or river dredging, or other projects requiring the use of a barge
Double Wall steel tanks rentals used for applications where secondary containment is important

When leaks are of critical concern, Ironclad Environmental’s Double Wall Steel Tank rentals offer reassurance: Built with an extra level of containment capability, these tanks safely store chemicals, petroleum, and other hazardous liquids.

Our Double Wall Steel Tanks Provide:

  • 438 bbl (18,430 gallon) capacity
  • Two 4” drains (one rear and one front) and one 8” P/V valve on the roof
  • Three manways


  • Built-in secondary containment for superior leak protection  
  • Chemical, petroleum, or other hazardous liquid storage


We’re used to operating in the toughest industries with the strictest safety standards. That’s prepared us well as we grow our business and expand into new spaces. To put it simply: If an industry creates waste, Ironclad will have the solution.

Industry Solutions Offered:

Construction Chemical Manufacturing Oil And Gas Exploration
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