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Dewatering Boxes

Expertly designed and rigorously tested to separate liquids from solids while creating easy access and transport of slurry and sludge.

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Roll off bin with tarp for rent

Dewatering Roll-Off Box

Helping you separate, store, and transport waste.

Our dewatering metal lid roll-off box rentals are fitted with special filtering and drain systems to separate liquid from slurry or sludge before discharging waste for easy transport to its final approved destination. Available In Three Sizes And A Metal Lid Option:
  • 20YD Dewatering Roll-Off Box
  • 25YD Dewatering Roll-Off Box
  • 30YD Dewatering Roll-Off Box
  • 25YD Dewatering Metal Lid Box

Our Dewatering Boxes Provide:

  • Floor grid with 3/16″ x 1″ galvanized bar grating for a long life and low maintenance
  • 84″ x 240″ grid area 
  • 3 3/4″ x 1″ grid opening
  • Sump height of 13″ above floor (approx. 1100 gal.)
  • Drain 2″ pipe nipple with ball valve


  • Sludge control and disposal in oil or chemical refinery applications where pumps may not be an option
  • Filtration of some liquid waste streams with the use of a clarifier, disposable cloth filter, or chemical coagulants
  • Dewatering of digester sludge from wastewater treatment plants for disposal in landfills
  • Applications where low maintenance is required, such as remote pipeline sites


We’re used to operating in the toughest industries with the strictest safety standards. That’s prepared us well as we grow our business and expand into new spaces. To put it simply: If an industry creates waste, Ironclad will have the solution.

Industry Solutions Offered:

Construction Chemical Manufacturing Oil And Gas Exploration
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