Challenges of Delivering Equipment During a Turnaround Event

In business, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead. But a business event that’s planned years in advance? That’s a signal that it must be handled with extreme care and attention. 

Across industries, turnaround events demand this unique level of attention. From refining and petrochemical spaces to the pulp and paper industry and more, businesses schedule these outages months or even years prior to manage and repair their equipment and machinery. The purpose? Maintain all assets so that they perform effectively and efficiently. By keeping up with vital repairs, we can help prevent catastrophic failure. 

While there can be regulatory oversight on maintenance, specifically when it comes to above-ground storage tanks, the even greater regulatory value in maintaining equipment is more indirect. If your organization runs into an equipment failure, OSHA will expect an answer — and it may leave you with fines, shutdowns, or both. 

As a result, turnaround events are ultra-important. They can last anywhere from two weeks to several months, and may focus on a single unit of on-site machinery or be an all-encompassing, plant-wide scenario. These costly events — which come with a loss of revenue caused by the shutdown as well as an increased required investment in additional labor and assets  — call for a significant amount of coordination, manpower, and assets, from tanks and boxes to store liquids, sludges and solids, to spill berms and pumps

Ironclad is proud to be our clients’ go-to resource for the industry’s safest, most trustworthy assets and equipment. But we also pride ourselves on being more than just a service provider, and instead function as a true partner. We’re here to help make sure your turnaround goes smoothly. We want to know what you need our assets for, what you’re going to store in them, and how we can work to meet your specific timing and scheduling needs. Want to allow us to stage and pre-deliver equipment? We’ll be there. We’ll get our assets as close to the job site as you need. 

Anyone who’s worked through a turnaround knows that inside a facility, it’s organized chaos. With so much going on, every piece of equipment and manpower has to fall into place at the right time. If one aspect of the turnaround slips out of order, it can be a domino effect of delays and costs. We do our part to keep your job on task.

This is critical to overall success. The specialty trade workers hired to assist on turnarounds are often booked months, even years in advance. If a job gets held up, that impacts their schedule, and time. It all adds up to more money spent, and more money lost. Efficience on any turnaround job is nothing short of vital. 

At Ironclad, we know you know how to run your turnaround and work toward your unique business goals. Consider us a source of support: The more we can understand your planned sequence of events, the better we can help get you the tools you need, stay on schedule and avoid any delays. It’s success, delivered.