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Renting Assets Versus Buying Assets

To rent, or to buy? That’s the question — and Ironclad has the answer. In the world of environmental solutions, renting assets rather than investing in owning capital equipment is the smart, cost-effective and sustainable choice. In addition to the fact that renting assets requires no upfront capital requirements, there’s a wealth of ancillary benefits […]

Single-Wall vs. Double-Wall Fuel Tanks: What’s the Difference?

Double-walled tanks for fuel storage are in perpetually growing demand at industries, municipalities, hospitals, and large commercial complexes that use diesel generators. To put the demand in perspective, the state of California saw a 1,400% rise in diesel generators in 2021. According to another report, the diesel generator market should surpass US$ 35,208 mn by […]

Diesel Fuel Storage Tanks

Bulk storage containers are aboveground tanks used to store hazardous materials. Diesel storage tanks are specifically constructed to house diesel fuel. That means the materials and construction must be compatible with the material stored. Things like pressure and temperature must meet the conditions diesel fuel requires. Keep reading to learn more about diesel fuel storage […]

Chemical Storage Tanks: A Complete Guide

Chemical Storage Tanks: A Complete Guide Chemical manufacturers use various chemicals that are inherently corrosive and it is difficult to imagine an industry that does not use any chemicals. Refineries use propane, liquefied natural gas, petroleum products (gasoline, diesel), crude oil, and other chemicals. Paint manufacturers use various types of latex polymers in the manufacturing […]

Atmospheric Storage Tanks – Safety Challenges and Solutions

Types of Atmospheric Storage Tanks, Safety Challenges, and How to Overcome Them For decades, refineries and chemical process industries have relied on storage tanks to safely store hazardous and flammable hydrocarbon liquids. Their popularity is evident with the numbers. For instance, nearly 542,000 underground storage tanks in the USA store petroleum and hazardous substances. This […]