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Streamlining the Waste Management of a Music Festival for 600,000


Every year, days-long music festivals turn venues, arenas and speedways across the country into a temporary home for hundreds of thousands of festival-goers. Attendees often camp on-site to maintain proximity to multiple sound stages, games, carnivals, art installations and other festivities. That requires a lot of water, a lot of bathroom facilities, and a lot of waste and wastewater to manage.

Portable toilets and shower facilities keep campers and attendees happy, but behind the scenes, event producers have historically relied on a number of disparate vendors to manage all water, waste, and storage. More vendors means higher costs, less oversight, and more worry that something might not go as planned.

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Partnering with Ironclad Environmental

In 2023, Ironclad Environmental was able to provide a premium, environmentally-minded, cost-effective solution to a musical event of this size and duration. With a newly expanded geographic footprint and reach, Ironclad had easy, efficient access to the high-quality tanks this particular event needed to safely store wastewater, as well as the required fittings, pumps, hoses, and manifold support. Ironclad even coordinated preferred waste hauling solutions for the client, providing final and safe disposal of waste following the event. By providing one turnkey solution to the client, Ironclad not only delivered a premium service but cost savings as well.

Challenges and Solutions

While the festival itself was just three days long, production and setup started weeks in advance of the event, and load out lasted a week following its conclusion. That translates to more than a month of wastewater management needs. Typically, portable toilet providers are prepared to empty their products via, for example, a vacuum trunk. But they're rarely equipped to handle massive events of this size, which require significantly more storage and solutions. Ironclad, however, has the assets and expert staff to manage these big, challenging jobs.

To maintain oversight and transparency of waste management during the event, Ironclad representatives lived on festival grounds 24/7, monitoring all tanks, communicating with event producers via text, phone, and in-person, all while guaranteeing no environmental challenges or show disruptions.

In total, Ironclad pumped and safely disposed of an estimated 275,000 gallons of gray water, independent of final tank cleaning and sanitation.

Project Requirements

  • Customer: A music festival that attracts 600,000 attendees and campers for a days-long gathering
  • Products needed: Tanks, pumps, and hoses to store and manage wastewater on-site.

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