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Bay Area Shelter-In-Place Turns Beer Into Hazardous Waste: Ironclad Environmental Solutions Solving The Unique Challenges Of An Unprecedented Crisis


A large, family-owned East Bay beverage distributor found itself in a unique situation as a result of the COVID-19 shelter-in-place mandate in the Bay Area. Faced with restaurants and bars suddenly closed for the foreseeable future, the distributor was forced to take back 40,000 gallons of expired beer. After 30 days in the warehouse, it was now considered hazardous waste in need of proper disposal.

Meeting the Challenges

The company turned to Ironclad Environmental Solutions to help with storage solutions. Because each keg had to be pumped individually into the tanks, the entire process was time-consuming and laborious.

We used one heavy-duty 8,000-gallon mini frac tank that was filled and dumped five times.

Going Above and Beyond

We pride ourselves on being able to supply the right products and solutions for any type of situation, from simple construction projects to the current crisis and its unprecedented impact. We value the opportunity to work with each and every customer and provide the positive results they expect.

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Project Requirements:

  • Storage and disposal of expired beer

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Ironclad employee securing cover on top of closed top steel tank

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