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Specialty Tanks

Sometimes, standard containers just don’t cut it. With specific capabilities ranging from sludge control to mixing liquids, IRONCLAD’s specialty tanks provide cost-effective, efficient solutions.

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Weir tanks for rent used for settling suspended solids

Weir Tanks and Mini Weir Tanks

Settle suspended solids with ease.

Ironclad’s weir tanks are durably designed to settle solids suspended in a liquid stream prior to filtration or discharge.

Our Weir Tanks Provide:

  • Up to 18,000 gallons of capacity
  • Shot-blasted steel
  • Most durable paint and lining in the industry
  • Undercoated floor structure


  • Applications that require reducing turbidity through the use of settling and decanting
  • Sludge control 
  • Sediment control
  • Removal of industrial applications including chemical manufacturing

Mix Tanks and Mini Mix Tanks

Blend, mix, and treat a variety of liquids.

Ironclad’s steel mix tanks blend, agitate, and circulate stored liquids with other products. Each mixer is controlled separately to meet your project’s specific needs, whether it’s treating wastewater, slurry maintenance, sludge control, or another application.

Our Mix Tanks Provide:

  • 17,630-gallon (420 BBL) capacity 
  • Electrically-powered mixers
  • Individual control for each mixer
  • Single electrical junction box
  • 22″ front stairs with folding handrails
  • Valves and manways for quick cleaning


  • Blending of fracturing fluids in various oil and exploration applications
  • Uniform chemical distribution and agitation in the treatment of wastewater
  • Slurry maintenance and sludge control before further treatment of liquid


We’re used to operating in the toughest industries with the strictest safety standards. That’s prepared us well as we grow our business and expand into new spaces. To put it simply: If an industry creates waste, IRONCLAD will have the solution.

Industry Solutions Offered:

Petroleum Refineries Chemical Manufacturing Oil And Gas Exploration

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