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The Role of Mud Tank for Solids Control

What Are Mud Tanks A mud tank is an open-top container that is made of square-shaped steel tubes and plates with a cone-shaped bottom. These are used to mix and store drilling fluid on a drilling rig or for boring operations. The earliest concept of a mud tank was made by digging pits into the […]

The Process of Dewatering Construction Sites Explained

Dewatering is the process of removing groundwater and surface water from an excavated site. It’s crucial to perform dewatering to create dry and stable soil before construction begins. Although natural evaporation helps remove some groundwater, dewatering pumps with large air-handling capacity assist in most water removal across construction sites. Once industries finish dewatering construction sites, […]

Stormwater Tanks

The United States Environmental Protection Agency defines stormwater as rainwater or melted snow that runs off into streets, lawn and other sites. Stormwater management refers to efforts to reduce stormwater runoff into surrounding areas and improve water quality. What Do Stormwater Detention Tanks Do? In developed areas, surfaces like pavement and roofs prevent precipitation from […]

Stormwater Detention Tanks: A Comprehensive Guide

The United States Environmental Protection Agency defines stormwater as rainwater or melted snow that runs into streets, lawns, and other sites. Suppose you plan on building a house in a flood-prone area. In that case, local regulations mandate you detain the stormwater, manage runoff, and ensure that the accumulated stormwater does not cause any environmental […]

Six Ways to Make Waste Management Easier After Hurricanes And Flooding

Whether it is the unprecedented downpour of 35.93 inches after Hurricane Florence, or the impact of Hurricane Michael – the most intense landfalling hurricane in the past 49 years, one of the major challenges after hurricanes is the tremendous task of waste collection. Types of Waste Management Issues After Hurricanes and Floods Apart from the […]